Do you need a permit for a Skip?

In most cases throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, if you are placing your skip bin on council property such as the road, footpath or nature strip, a council permit may be required. If you plan to put a skip bin on your own private property you don’t need to apply for a council permit. 

Some council’s a skip company can buy an annual permit which will cover them for placement and the customer does not need to worry about it. In other areas the customer must apply for the permit. In some council areas, skips up to a certain length and width that meet requirements with regard to markings can be placed in the street without a permit for a certain period of time. You need to check with your local council


What happens if I do not have a permit?

Failure to obtain the correct skip bin permit may result in a fine payable by the hirer of the skip bin/property owner.


How to get a council permit?

Contact your local council for a Skip bin permit! The process of securing permits varies from council to council, as does the cost with some charging a fee or bond whilst others do not.

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