There’s a place old sporting equipment, faded toys, and forgotten hobbies go when they die. It’s called junk heaven. Though you may know it by the more common name of ‘up the back of your garage’. No matter how much effort you put into maintaining a clean and clear house, the magnetic pull of your garage, attic, or basement will draw junk in. Leaving you with a monument to things you could do without. That’s where our junk removal service comes in. Don’t end up on an episode of ‘Hoarders’. Contact our junk removal experts and let us put a stop to the hoarding once and for all.




Sydney’s Junk Removal Service

When Sydney homes need a hoarding cleanup, they turn to Pro Skips Australia. Bringing a professional service for a competitive price, we do the dirty work so you don’t have to. Our range of skip bins can handle any load, from the smallest pile of junk to a total hoarding clean up. Don’t spend your weekend taking trips to the rubbish dump, leave the junk to our experts and we’ll take care of it for you!


Why Choose Pro Skips Australia For Your Junk Removal Service?

When it comes to junk hauling services, there’s simply no other choice. We have a wide range of skip bin sizes to suit any junk build-up or hoarding problem. So whether you’re spring cleaning the garage or clearing out your home from top to tail, we’ve got the skip bins to help get the job done.

When you wave goodbye to your much loved junk, it’s likely you’ll feel a little guilty seeing it get taken away, hoping it doesn’t end up in landfill. At Pro Skips Australia we put your mind at ease with our commitment to only using recycling facilities that recycle over 80% of all waste collected through our Sydney hauling services. Your VHS collection, your first flip phone, and those CD’s you’re embarrassed to admit you bought, we ensure junk removal is done sustainably so you know you’ve made the environmentally conscious choice.

We understand there’s a tradesman stereotype of turning up late (or not at all!). We break new ground with our team of reliable junk hauling experts who call ahead, giving you up to an hour heads up, and provide two service windows to choose from, so you can pick a morning or afternoon delivery/pick up for your junk removal service.

Let us clear out your junk in our trunk, contact the Pro Skip Australia team today and see why we’re Sydney’s junk hauling experts!