When it comes to managing large amounts of waste skip bin hire is known to be a popular choice. Aside from making waste disposal easy, you also save time instead of disposing of waste yourself. However, the question why skip bins are so expensive is probably one of the most hot topics. We have seen the rise in the cost for the past year and we’re here to help you understand why.

Here’s an in-depth look at the factors that contribute to the cost of skip bin hire and why they’re worth the investment.

why are skip bins expensive
why are skip bins expensive

Increased disposal fees

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in NSW have what we call waste levies. This charge is aimed towards protecting the environment and encouraging recycling. 

The EPA levy contributes to the overall cost of waste disposal. The rates of this levy vary by region and are significantly higher in metropolitan areas than in regional areas. For example, in the 2023-2024 financial year, the levy in the metropolitan area is $163.20 per tonne, which is a substantial portion of the cost for waste disposal. 

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Size and scale of skip bins

Our skip bins range from small units fit for small projects to large bins designed for major construction waste. Larger bins require more materials for construction, increased transportation costs, and more space at waste processing facilities, all of which contribute to higher rental prices.

Transportation and logistics

You might have seen the skip bin trucks we use to pick up and deliver bins along the roads of Sydney. Like a normal car, we also need to pay for fuel costs, maintenance, toll road charges, and driver wages. The distance traveled to deliver a bin to your location and then transport it to waste management facilities is also another factor.

Waste processing

Disposal costs vary depending on the type of waste and local regulations. For example, hazardous materials such as asbestos or chemicals require special handling and disposal procedures. This means we have to invest in our waste processing equipment. Furthermore, waste facilities charge tipping fees, which are the charges for disposing of waste in landfills or recycling centers. 


Skip bin hire companies are required to transport and dispose of waste legally. It also means we need to invest in proper training so we can maintain our licenses and insurance.

Investing in technologies

Recycling is becoming more advanced than most people know. Skip bin companies like Pro Skips invest in facilities so we can sort and recycle waste, which contributes to skip bin cost. Maintenance and having enough people to run the facility adds to the pricing.

Half of the total charge from skip bins is directed towards waste disposal fees. However, skip bin hire in Sydney is still considered as an excellent way to get rid of waste in one collection. Despite its cost, the benefits weigh heavier.

Benefits of Hiring Skip Bins

Despite the costs, hiring a skip bin offers significant benefits:

  • Convenience: Skip bins provide an easy way to dispose of large quantities of waste, saving you trips to disposal facilities and landfills.
  • Efficiency: You can dispose of waste in bulk with a skip bin. This is much quicker and easier than handling several small bins or garbage bags.
  • Safety: Proper waste disposal reduces hazards on a property, especially during construction projects, by removing debris and preventing injuries.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Professional skip bin services often include recycling and responsible waste management, ensuring that your waste does not contribute to environmental degradation.


While skip bins might seem costly upfront, the services provided justify the expense. From providing large-scale waste management solutions and ensuring safe and lawful waste disposal to investing in environmental sustainability, skip bin services offer value that far exceeds the cost. When planning your next project that involves waste removal, considering these factors will help you understand and appreciate the true value of investing in a skip bin hire.

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