Knowing how to dispose of general waste is just as important as disposing of recyclable waste, but for many busy Sydney families it becomes a challenge to split the two. Your street side bins provide a way to break up general waste and recycling waste, but with such a small size for each bin there’s only so much rubbish you can dispose of each week. A Pro Skips Australia general waste bin solves this problem for you.




Our general waste management plan ensures the rubbish you don’t need goes where it should. All our general waste bin options can handle the wide range of junk your home or business invariably builds up. From white goods to construction waste and heavy waste, when you choose Pro Skips Australia we exclusively use facilities which turn over more than 80% of waste into recyclable goods. These skips play an important role in responsible waste management and at Pro Skips Australia we can help with all your commercial, residential and construction waste disposal needs.

General Waste

General waste, also known as residual waste, describes those hard to recycle materials like waxed cardboard, food containers and tissue paper, as well as items like garden waste or construction debris. If you have any general waste waiting to be disposed of, let us help. Pro Skips Australia is committed to the responsible disposal of waste and general waste management,  with the constant goal of creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.



Waste Skip Sizes

Council and State regulations prohibit the negligent dumping of rubbish, in order to promote recycling and sustainable waste management. Pro Skips Australia is dedicated to upholding these values and offers a range of waste skip sizes in Sydney to ensure everyone has access to the waste disposal solutions they need. For more information on our range of skip bins, check out our online sizing tool.

What Can Go In Your General Waste Bin

  • Household waste, including toys, clothes, cardboard and kitchen accessories
  • Light commercial waste, including office stationery and furniture
  • Light construction waste
  • Light green waste, including grass clippings, shrubs and general yard debris
  • Furniture and appliances, including lounges, fridges, cupboards and appliances

We’re committed to a sustainable Australian future, but we also understand there are some things that have just got to be tossed away. Get the best of both worlds by using our general waste bin solutions and let us do the recycling for you. If you’re in need of skip bin hire, get in contact today on 1800 776 754 or contact our waste management team.