Between buying take-out food, doing the weekly shop and the general chaos that comes with a busy Sydney household, household waste is constantly an issue. On top of everyday domestic waste, we all place a high level of value on the possessions that we own. As a result, it becomes difficult to throw away our belongings. ‘What if I need that one day?’. ‘I spent so much money on that’. ‘Remember when the kids would eat at that table?’. Between holding onto the past and rapidly consuming as we move into the future, household waste can create a serious headache. At Pro Skips Australia we offer the simplest solution to household waste with our residential skip bins ensuring your home can finally be free of junk and waste.




The Household Waste Solution

Sure, holding a garage sale sounds like a good idea at the time, though the handful of dollars you’ll make for a full weekend of work might not be so appealing when it’s all said and done. Plus, the items that aren’t sold end up being placed in a box and put back in the garage to take up space. Pro Skips Australia can break the cycle of consumption and help you with your household waste removal needs.

Based in Sydney, we are able to offer you skip bins for hire that can clear your home and dispose of your waste with ease. For an additional cost, we even provide you with extra man power to speed up the process. Make your next big clean-up even easier.



Types Of Household Waste

Household waste can come in many forms including: clothing, furniture, toys, appliances and cardboard. We make the process simple by allowing you to mix your waste so you can combine general household rubbish at your convenience. However, our standard skips are not able to dispose of organic waste, agricultural waste, plastic waste and food waste, so please contact our team to arrange for a specialised skip to handle these waste types.

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