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1How do I know which skip bin I need? What size is appropriate for my waste?
We offer two different skip bins: Standard skips: which can carry general waste, heavy waste, mixed waste and green waste and Specialised skips: which carry hazardous chemicals and materials including wet paint, chemicals, chlorine, asbestos and fibrous materials. For more information check out our Skip Bins page with a guide on bin sizes and accepted materials.
2Can I mix the load?
Yes, our standard skips can carry a mix of all waste aside from the hazardous chemicals and materials outlined above.
3What CAN’T I put in the skip bin?
Our standard skips cannot be used for hazardous waste and should not include mattresses, tyres or tree stumps unless previously mentioned. If found, such items will incur a surcharge. Visit our Skip Bins page for more information.
4How high can I load the bin?
Each of our bins come with a painted line that indicates the height limit of your load. If, however, this line is not clear, your waste should not exceed the rim of the bin.
5How much weight can the skip bin carry?
Our skip bins do not have a weight limit which means, as long as your waste does not pile over the rim, you can fill it as much as you like.
6Can you load the skip for me?
For an additional fee our team can happily assist you with loading your waste into the skips. This service is charged by the hour and requires notice at the time of booking. Minimum charge is 4 hours.
7How long can I keep the bin? What if I'm not done with it by pick up day?
Skip bins can be kept for up to 14 days. 1-3 days extension can be provided at no extra charge if notice is given at least 24 hours prior to pick-up day. Otherwise a fee of $50 is applied for each week pick-up is delayed.
8If I have not determined a date for pick up at the time of booking how much notice do you need to provide?
If an appointment date is not determined in advance, arranging a pick up can take up to 3 days.
9How do I know the most suitable place for the skip on my property?
The skip bin can be left anywhere on the property that can be accessible by the truck. In the event that you do not have accessible space for the skip bin on your property, we can leave the skip bin on the road outside the property if a Council Permit is presented same day.
10Are there any extra charges I need to be aware of?
There are no extra charges to your skip bin delivery and pick up, however, surcharges apply for mattresses ($30 per mattress) and tyres ($10 per car tyre and $15 per truck/bobcat tyre).
11Do you deliver on weekends?
Yes. Visit our Contact page for more information about trading and service hours.
12Can I choose the time of delivery? If not, between what hours can the skip be delivered?
For scheduling purposes, we cannot guarantee a preferred time, however, you are welcome to choose a preference between morning or afternoon delivery. On the day of delivery we provide half an hour to an hour’s notice of our arrival time. Our morning deliveries start from 7:00am while our afternoon deliveries end at 6:00pm.
13How long after I make the order can you deliver? How much notice do you need?
We provide same day delivery at no extra charge which means notice is not mandatory. However this service is subject to availability so we recommend booking 1-2 days in advance to guarantee a skip bin on your preferred day.
14How much of my waste is recycled?
We exclusively use facilities which turn over more than 80% of waste into recyclable goods. Visit our About Us page to learn more about our vision for a cleaner tomorrow.
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