If you’re in the construction industry, then you’re no stranger to the mess of materials that litter every construction site. That’s why construction skip bins are a must. From bricks to debris, the site is never without waste. These materials can often pose as quite the safety hazard if left in an area that experiences high traffic. You can help ensure the safety of your staff by hiring an industrial skip to dispose of waste the right way.




At Pro Skips Australia we offer the best in construction waste disposal solutions in order to guarantee a safe and secure job site for you and your tradesmen. When you get a skip with us, you receive the highest quality service from delivery to pick up. Our dedicated staff will arrange a time to visit your site and deliver the appropriate bin for your construction waste removal.


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Hire an Industrial Skip to Avoid a Hefty Fine!

State legislation and council regulations now prohibit unlicensed construction waste disposal, which means that without the appropriate credentials you can be served with a nasty fine if you’re caught unloading heavy materials incorrectly. Here at Pro Skips Australia, we aim to deliver a solution to your construction waste removal that reduces these risks, because while waste management is our business, it isn’t yours. When you get a skip with Pro Skips Australia you can rely on us to ensure you’re using the correct builders bin for your materials and let us worry about your construction waste disposal once it’s full. Our licensed professionals will arrange a time for pick up that suits you and then dispose of the materials responsibly so you can rest easy knowing that, not only are you avoiding any penalties, but you’re also doing your part for the sustainability of the environment.

Get a Skip for Your Asbestos Materials

In keeping with the effort towards responsible construction waste removal, we also provide solutions for the safe disposal of asbestos materials. Asbestos has been found to cause serious illnesses when inhaled and must be handled with caution and disposed of appropriately. If you suspect you may have come across asbestos materials during your construction waste removal, do NOT put it into your builders skip unless given prior approval. While penalties for unlicensed construction waste disposal are quite costly, penalties for improper disposal of asbestos can reach the tens of thousands of dollars. Save yourself the heavy bills and the health risks and visit our FAQs pagefor more information about the contents of your builder’s bin.

Our industrial skip hire services provide you with a worry free solution to a potentially risky endeavour. With State legislation and council regulations cracking down on development, your construction waste disposal can quickly become a total nightmare. Get a skip with Pro Skips Australia and rest easy knowing you’ll be in the clear. Call us today for a quote on a builder’s bin you can trust!