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Skip Bin Hire?

We get it. We know why you’re here. You’ve got waste that needs to go. And you’re looking for the quickest, cheapest way to get it done. Which sounds like fate, because that’s exactly what we do.




How Long Can I Have A Skip For?

A standard skip bin can be kept for 14 days. If you require an extension, please provide notice of at least 24 hours and we will provide you with 1 to 3 day extensions, at no additional charge.

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Pro Skips Australia

Join a cleaner tomorrow

Here at Pro Skips Australia we’re dedicated to creating a cleaner tomorrow by providing clean, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to managing your waste. Whether you’re renovating, relocating or simply have a lot of rubbish to unload, we provide a range of skip bin hire sizes to suit your requirements.

Unlike many of our competitors we also strive to ensure that we provide a breadth of knowledge in proper waste management including council rules and regulations, health and safety guidelines when dealing with hazardous chemicals and harmful materials, and the most space efficient ways to utilise your skip bin hire.

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The Pro Skips Australia Difference

In 2018, the responsibility to make sustainable choices that benefit the local community is more important than ever. At Pro Skips Australia, we appreciate that it isn’t always easy to do your part for the environment. Which is why we provide environmentally conscious skip bin hire solutions that combine quality service, exceed industry standards, and represent a choice that benefits the community as much as it does your wallet.


  • The Skip Bin Hire Specialists
    • We provide experienced and reliable waste disposal solutions.
    • We put our customer’s needs first and work backwards from there.
    • We engage in environmentally friendly and sustainable waste management strategies.

    These simple business goals define Pro Skips Australia. Not simply guiding us forward and setting our own high standards for the work we do, but making us a sought after choice throughout Sydney as the sustainable, earth friendly waste management team (try fitting that on a business card!).

    In our years of providing quality skip bin hire to the homes and businesses of Sydney we’ve come to realise that what it takes to ensure a positive and memorable service is a complex recipe. A balance between affordable and budget skip bin hire, timely pickups and deliveries, a customer first mentality, and a recycling focused attitude that puts the needs of the community first.

    Sound like an impossible balance to strike? At Pro Skips Australia, we’ve nailed it.

    Whether you’re looking to get on top of the clutter that’s built up around your home, find yourself in the middle of a messy renovation, or require an industrial sized skip bin to handle the mess of your construction site, we have a range of competitive skip bin hire prices and solutions to suit all residential and commercial needs.

    If you’re after affordable, effective, sustainable, and environmentally conscious waste disposal solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

    Read on to see why we’re the first choice for skip bin hire in Sydney, or, contact us to learn about our skip bins prices and to speak with a member of our team to see how our skip bin hire services can help you today.

  • Skip Bin Hire Sizes

    If deciding to use an environmentally conscious and cheap skip bin hire Sydney company was stepping up to the plate. Then figuring out what size skip bin suits your waste removal needs is hitting a homerun. Having said that, we understand it can be a challenge to decide on the size of your skip bin.

    Different jobs require different sized skip bins. If you’ve turned your attention to the pile of junk that’s been steadily growing in your garage, you’ll need a skip that can handle the load. The same goes for a full commercial clear-out to get your business productivity on track. With our competitive skip bin hire prices, there’s nothing worse than hiring a skip that’s too big, or not big enough, to get the job done.

    As experts in skip bin hire, we understand that trying to use an online sizing chart can be a challenge, so we make the process easy!

    If our online tool doesn’t help you decide on a skip bin size that’s right for you, reach out to one of our Pro Skip Australia experts and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options for your job. You get the skills and experience that come with talking to a human, an accurate answer to your skip bin hire problems, all at an affordable price.

    That’s why Pro Skips Australia is the perfect choice. With our knowledge, and our commitment to turning more than 80% of waste into recycled goods, you make a choice that’s sustainable. More than that, we go the extra mile for our customers – so whether it be a friendly phone call, a competitive skip bin hire quote, or prompt skip bin delivery, you make a choice that’s great for your budget too.

  • Skip Bin Hire Types

    If you’ve ever found yourself trying to pick a birthday gift at the last minute, you’ll know how much of a headache it is when you have too many choices. At Pro Skips Australia, we make skip bin hire simple with two different skip bin choices to suit all residential and commercial needs. Some say it’s the best duo since Vegemite and toast, but we’ll leave that up to you…

    Our range of standard skip bins are suited to carry all general wasteheavy wastemixed waste, and green waste. This makes them the perfect choice for the full range of home or office cleanouts you’re having. Recently finished a home renovation? Our standard skips can help clear out the mess that was left behind. Looking to get rid of the endless paper and cardboard that’s built up in your office? Using our standard skip bin hire option you’ll get an affordable solution to your paperwork problem, with our waste management strategies sending your mess straight to recycling. Or, are you fed up seeing the monument to lost Christmas presents and discarded hobbies that is your garage? Wave goodbye to the gifts you never used (and never wanted) with our cheap skip bin hire Sydney options.

    Specialised Skip Bin Hire

    Our range of specialised skip bins make even the most challenging cleanup jobs a breeze. Perfect for carrying hazardous chemicals and materials, including wet paint, chemicals, chlorine, fibrous materials, and asbestos, each specialised skip is the safe and effective way to dispose of dangerous waste.

    With council and State rules and regulations surrounding the safe disposal of dangerous waste, it’s important to choose a skip bin hire company you can trust. Don’t leave yourself open to fines for negligent rubbish disposal. For cheap skip bin hire Sydney residents know and trust, we’re the only choice. Providing skip bins to deal with all kinds of dangerous waste, we make the process simple, easy and affordable.

    Read here for more information on the types of waste suitable for our standard and specialised skip bins.

    Ready to clear the mess from your life? Visit our Skip Bins page for more information.

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What Happens When My Skip Is Full?

All our skip bins have the same rule to make waste disposal simple, do not fill above the rim. Waste must not exceed the rim of the bin for safety and legal reasons, as well as to avoid spillage during transit.

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