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Every month or year, tech companies release new gadgets. Most people find the need to upgrade to enjoy better features. With the speed of technology, it’s almost a certainty that you’ll end up with outdated tech. From DVD players to iPods, old laptops to TV’s, stashing your worn out tech in the garage or passing them down isn’t going to work forever. 

However, electronic waste disposal isn’t as simple as throwing your gadgets away. Electronic items contain heavy metals like lead, mercury and arsenic. If these materials are not properly managed in the e-waste recycling cycle, they can cause environmental damage as they break down in landfill.

How do you properly dispose of your old electronic devices?

By looking for local recyclers! If you want to get rid of your old TV, phones or laptops, Pro Skips is the perfect solution. We provide electronic waste disposal services to residential and commercial properties all over Sydney. Our goal is to minimise the environmental impact caused by e-waste, which is why we recycle a wide range of electronic items.

You also have the option to donate them or drop them off at your local e-waste collection areas. There's usually a list of areas that accepts free e-waste collection and recycling all over Sydney. If you find it hassle, hire one of our skip bins! We offer a range of bin sizes from 2 cubic metre up to massive 12 cubic metre. Our bin hire can carry even bulky computer sets, cables, chargers and more.

When it comes to technology usage on a global scale, Australia ranked fifth and produces about 21.7kg of waste per person. In 2022, nearly 4 million personal computers and 3 million TV’s were purchased.  Data also shows that almost 32,000 electronic devices are disposed of everyday. The problem is that almost 88% ends up in landfills and only less than 1% of TV and 10% of computers gets recycled.

In 2030, it is predicted that there will be an estimated 70 million tonnes of e-waste per year. Making e-waste recycling a necessary service both now and in the future and e-waste dumping a serious concern.

Reliable E-Waste Recycling Service in Sydney

Electronic waste, or e-waste, refers to any electronic material that cannot be repaired or is simply beyond its useful days. According to data, Australia only recycles 17.4 percent of e-waste effectively. Poor recycling leads to negative effects on the environment. However the reason is that most Australians are concerned about data loss and are not aware of e-waste recycling in Sydney. 

Pro Skips is a trusted electronic recycling company that can get rid of your gadgets for you. We provide a safe, environmentally friendly & certified e-waste recycling all over Sydney. When you choose our e-waste services you make the sustainable choice, as all collections are taken to recycling centres to be turned back into practical resources.

Electronics recycling has many advantages. Many of which are:

  • Help reduce the amount of electronic waste ending up in landfills
  • Conserves valuable resources, such as precious metals and rare earth elements
  • Helps reduce the carbon footprint

If you choose to recycle your electricals, it will benefit both the environment and society.

The E-Waste Journey - Recycling Old Electrical Items

The electronic waste disposal journey starts when your technology stops working. Many older style electronic items contain lead and other hazardous materials in their screens and monitors. When disposed of improperly in landfills, these chemicals may leach into the soil and groundwater causing harm to the environment and population.

At Pro Skips Australia, we recycle electronics by dismantling the individual parts. These parts are then recycled and put together with other recycled parts to create an entirely new electronic product. We accept everything! From old appliances, mobile phones, computers to batteries.

Why Recycle Your E-Waste with Pro Skips?

Pro Skips are experts in providing electronic recycling. We also service all over Sydney, making it convenient for our customers. We offer responsible and cost-effective e-waste removal services to residential and commercial properties. 

We can recycle old electronics in an environmentally friendly way. Our commitment to electronics recycling shows how much we care for the environment and our customers. We offer fair pricing and fast pickup anywhere in Sydney. Get a free quote today!

Recycling All Other Kinds of E-Waste

Looking for ethical and secure e-waste recycling services? Look no further than us! We provide environmentally friendly solutions that meet all regulations. We offer both drop-off and pickup services for your convenience. We tailor our services to your specific needs, whether you're an IT manufacturer, government agency, school, or something else entirely. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our flexible e-waste solutions. We ensure safe, environmentally friendly & certified e-waste recycling.

We are dedicated to keeping as much e-waste away from landfills as possible. If you are looking for efficient electronic waste disposal for your old electronics, get in contact with us today for a cheap skip bin quote!

Why choose us for skip bin hire services

No matter how big or small your rubbish removal job is; we have a skip bin for you! With 8 bin sizes, we are experts in rubbish removal. We provide affordable bins, flexible delivery options, zero weight restrictions, and a commitment to recycling over 80% of collected waste. You can get a free online quote and book directly in just a few clicks!
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Great Service & Understanding. As we all know with renovations you find things that change your time lines. Pro Skip were there to help with supporting is with date extensions at a reasonable price. Wouldn’t get my skip from anyone else - Sue & Mark
Tony and his boys really looked after us especially given the short notice. Have used them several times and would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you. Lisette
Pro Skips Australia is an excellent and professional service. I have used them twice now and would highly recommend using them. They are a great company, very efficient and are well priced. Thank you again for the great service.
Great service!Thanks again 👍👍
Great company with competitive prices & a professional attitude delivered with friendliness & humor. i would highly recommend Pro Skips Australia for all your waste removal needs. Tony, who assisted me was always accommodating to my needs.
Have to say Proskips have been the best bin company I have ever delt with, from customer service down to the price I honestly cannot fault them at all. Having a building company myself I need consistent and reliable contractors so I definitely would recommend them to anyone.....
Highly recommended!Professional, affordable and reliable.Thank you again for your prompt service.
Thanks pro skips for your great service always on time great prices friendly staff highly recommended
Pro skips helped me in a last minute situation when other companies let me down and couldn’t deliver. Really saved my ass. Thanks again to the boys from pro skips will definitely be calling use again.
I had a wonderful experience with Pro Skips Australia. They showed up on time, reliable and professional. Highly recommended
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