After a skip bin hire in Sydney? One of the things you must remember when hiring a skip bin is to not fill it over the rim. You might risk getting a fine and get penalised. Our driver might also won’t be able to pick it up. ur licensed professionals will arrange a time for pick up that suits you and then dispose of the materials responsibly so you can rest easy knowing that, not only are you avoiding any penalties, but you’re also doing your part for the sustainability of the environment.

Here’s are more of the do’s and don’ts when hiring a skip bin that you should know!

Skip Bin Hire Dos and Donts
Skip Bin Hire Dos and Donts

Do’s for Skip Bin Hire

  1. Do Select the Right Placement: Choose a flat surface clear of obstructions like trees or poles for skip bin placement, ensuring easy access and safety.
  2. Do Choose the Correct Size: Estimate your waste volume accurately to select the appropriate skip bin size, preventing overfilling or underutilisation.
  3. Do Understand What You Can Dispose Of: Be aware of allowed and prohibited items. Hazardous materials, electronics, and chemicals should not be placed in a standard skip bin without prior arrangement for a specialised bin.
  4. Do Fill the Bin Efficiently: Maximise space and ensure safety by breaking down large items and evenly distributing weight across the bin.
  5. Do Manage Rental Duration Wisely: Plan your project timeline to ensure the rental period matches your needs, avoiding extra charges.
  6. Do Practice Eco-Friendly Disposal: Aim to recycle and follow sustainable waste management practices to minimise environmental impact.
  7. Do Maintain the Skip Bin: Regularly check for leaks and ensure the bin is covered appropriately to avoid littering and maintain cleanliness.
  8. Do Consult with Your Provider: If unsure about waste types or disposal methods, consult with your skip bin provider for guidance.
  9. Do Consider Accessibility for Pickup: Ensure the placement of your skip bin allows for easy access by the waste removal team, avoiding any potential delays or issues during pickup.

Don’ts for Skip Bin Hire

  1. Don’t Overfill: Do not fill the skip bin beyond its rim to prevent fines and ensure the bin can be safely transported.
  2. Don’t Dispose Prohibited Items Improperly: Do not toss hazardous materials, electronics, or chemicals into a general waste skip bin to maintain safety and compliance.
  3. Don’t Neglect Bin Maintenance: Do not overlook the cleanliness and maintenance of your skip bin. Regular checks and proper closure are necessary.
  4. Don’t Ignore Local Regulations: Don’t place your skip bin in a manner that violates local ordinances or causes inconvenience to others. Always follow community guidelines and restrictions.
  5. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Book: Avoid delays and potential scheduling conflicts by booking your skip bin hire well in advance, especially during peak periods.

In Conclusion

Partnering with Pro Skips Australia ensures prompt delivery and pickup, responsible waste disposal practices, and competitive pricing for your skip bin needs. We offer skip bins for residential, commercial and construction properties all over Sydney. For a seamless waste management experience tailored to your project requirements, contact Pro Skips Australia at 1800 776 754. You can also get a free quote today!

Infographic Skip Bin Do's and Don'ts