A skip bin is a large, open-topped waste container designed for collecting a significant amount of waste. Unlike regular bins, skips are typically rectangular or trapezoidal in shape and are used extensively in construction, commercial and residential clean-up projects. 

They are delivered to a site by customised trucks. Once it gets filled, skip bins are taken away for waste removal. Skip bin hire in Sydney is recognised as a highly convenient waste management tool.

what is a skip bin

Why are they called skip bins?

The term “skip” refers to the container itself, which comes from the Old Norse word “skeppa”, meaning “basket”. Initially used in the UK, the use of skip bins spread globally, adapting the name as a standard term in many countries outside North America. The design of these bins allows them to be “skipped” or tipped over to dump the waste.

What is the purpose of a skip bin?

Skip bins serve several purposes across different sectors. It offers benefits such as hassle-free waste removal, dumping made easy, and can carry waste from 2-10 tonnes. 

Here are some common uses:

  • Construction Sites: For disposing of building materials like bricks and debris efficiently.
  • Home Renovations: Suitable for handling large amounts of domestic waste materials, unwanted clutters such as old fixtures and fittings.
  • Garden Cleanups: Ideal for disposing of organic waste such as branches, leaves, and soil.
  • Commercial Clear-outs: For getting rid of old furniture, electronics, and non-confidential paperwork.
  • Event Management: Useful for handling large volumes of waste generated from events like festivals or public gatherings.

Is skip bin better than other alternatives?

Comparing skip bins to other waste disposal methods such as traditional garbage bins, dumpster bags, or direct hauling, skip bins offer several advantages:


Skip bins are available in a variety of sizes. At Pro Skips, we offer skip bins ranging from 2 cubic metres to 12 cubic metres. It is often much larger than traditional bins, making them suitable for projects that generate a lot of waste.


Here at Pro Skips, we deliver and pick up the bin right at your house, which means you don’t have to handle transportation.Once you book your bin, we deliver it right to your door and then collect it. 


For large projects, hiring a skip is often more affordable than other methods. It involves fewer pickups and deliveries.


Skip bins can handle a variety of waste types. We provide a standard skip bin for general waste, heavy waste, mixed waste and green waste, and a specialised skip bin for chemical waste and asbestos. 

Environmental Compliance

Many skip hire companies offer waste sorting services to ensure that recyclable materials are separated. Pro Skips use the latest waste management technologies to recycle over 80% of waste into reusable goods.

Is it worth getting a skip?

If you want to save yourself from many landfill trips and the risk of ruining your car to carry waste, then yes. Skip bin hire in Sydney makes things easy as all you need to do is book a bin, fill it up and then call for us for collection. Our skip bin hire has no zero restrictions as long as it doesn’t pile over the rim.

In conclusion, skip bins are the best choice for managing large-scale waste due to their convenience, capacity, and cost-effectiveness. Whether for commercial or residential projects, skip bins simplify the process of waste disposal while supporting recycling efforts.

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