The Environmental Impact of Food Waste

Why are we wasting food?

Australian’s tend to lose focus on the real value of food in our world and the nature of which it comes from. By wasting food, we are being environmentally unethical and are harming our environment’s resources and functions. Consumer behaviour and lack of communication are analysed to be the greatest underlying factor in society’s food waste.

Environmental impacts of food waste

  1. Global warming and climate change

Food waste contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and produces methane. This leads to an increase in global warming and climate change.

  1. Loss of valued environmental resources

The worth of energy and natural resources are lost in the processing, transporting, storing, and cooking when food is wasted.

  1. Agriculture becomes worthless

Approximately one-third of the world’s total agricultural land area is being wasted to grow food that is not consumed.

  1. Deforestation

When meat is at a high request, deforestation of untouched land occurs to contribute as homes for livestock. However, when meat is being wasted in Australian homes, there is no real purpose of giving up and destroying land.

Environmentally friendly ways to recycle food waste

  1. Feed leftover food to pets
  2. Create a new meal with scraps and leftovers
  3. Use kitchen scrap as compost
  4. Reuse the food packaging material
  5. Regrow produce
  6. Buy less food!

Tips On How To Dispose Of Electronic Waste

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is the waste that comes from electronic devices that are thrown out. As a nation, we are one of the highest users of electronics in the world so you can only imagine how much e-waste we produce!

Electronic waste should not be thrown out in your household rubbish bin. The toxic metal elements found in the waste can be a potential danger to not only people’s health but also our environment.

Here are some tips on how to dispose of electronic waste:

  1. Sell or donate your old electronics

If your electronics are still in good condition, a good thought is to either sell or donate the old electronics that you no longer want. The only thing that needs to be considered here is that your electronics might still contain some of your data.

  1. Take your e-waste to a recycling centre

A great was to dispose of your electronic waste is by taking it to a recycling centre. There are many recycling centres all-around local areas which are easily found.

  1. Send your electronics back to the company

Many electronic companies allow you to send back electronics you want to dispose of so they can dispose of them safely. They even offer discounts on occasions if you do that!

  1. Buy less electronics!

The best thing you can do is buy less electronics! It’s best to reuse your gadgets until it’s actually time for them to go! Getting caught up in the hype of new products creates a whole lot of e-waste!

It’s so important that whichever way you decide to get rid of your e-waste that it’s not by throwing them away in your normal household bin.

5 Facts About Ocean Pollution

It is quite shocking to know how much rubbish there really is in the ocean. According to National Geographic, there’s a whopping 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. This is starting to become deadly for marine animals and fish. If you’re wondering how all this rubbish is entering the ocean – it is being dumped, leaked and spilled into the ocean. Pollution has become a bigger problem in the past few years however it’s never too late to start making a difference. Here are 5 facts about ocean pollution that you need to know:

  1. In 2050, it is predicted that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish

Crazy isn’t it!? We are all guilty of dumping so much plastic in the ocean every single year. We dump so much every year that it equates to almost 57,000 blue whales. In 2050, it is predicted that we will have more plastic in the ocean than fish.

  1. Most of the rubbish in the ocean sits on the floor

The sad truth is that almost 70 percent of rubbish in the ocean sinks to the seafloor and just sits there. That means that we’re unlikely to ever be able to clean that percentage of rubbish up. What we can’t see in the ocean is worse than what we can see.

  1. The number of dead zones in the ocean is growing

So many people ask what dead zones in the ocean are. These are sections that have such low oxygen supplementation that animal life suffocates and dies. In 2008 alone, 405 dead zones were counted in the ocean…and that was 12 years ago! This number is just ever-growing and is an impact of pollution.

  1. Something as simple as laundry affects the pollution in the ocean

It’s hard to believe but something as simple as doing your daily or weekly laundry even affects the pollution in the ocean. Every load of laundry releases 700,000 synthetic microfibers into our waterways which don’t break down.

  1. Plastic in the ocean is very dangerous

Plastic takes approximately 400 years to degrade. During this process, so many chemicals are released into the ocean which continues to contaminate the sea even once the plastic is gone. Plastic serves as a double danger to our ocean.

Here at Pro Skips Australia we’re dedicated to creating a cleaner tomorrow by providing clean, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to managing your waste. Whether you’re renovating, relocating or simply have a lot of rubbish to unload, we provide a range of skip bin hire sizes to suit your requirements.

Unlike many of our competitors, we also strive to ensure that we provide a breadth of knowledge in proper waste management including council rules and regulations, health and safety guidelines when dealing with hazardous chemicals and harmful materials, and the most space-efficient ways to utilise your skip bin hire. It’s never too late to do your part in creating a cleaner tomorrow by getting rid of your rubbish sustainably.

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Believe it or not, Christmas is just around the corner which also means it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. We all know that spring cleaning can get a little overwhelming with so many questions running through your mind. Where do I start? How do I get rid of my rubbish? Well, we’re going to be answering those questions for you and putting your mind at ease so you can start spring cleaning your home.

  1. Hire a skip bin

Wondering how to get rid of all your rubbish? Hiring a skip bin from Pro Skips Australia is the most efficient and cost-effective way for your rubbish disposal. We have a range of skip bins varying from 2 cubic metres all the way to 12 cubic metres for your convenience. Finding the right size skip bin for your spring cleaning is made easy with Pro Skips Australia. Hiring a skip bin also means you don’t have to complete all your spring cleaning in one day. You can keep the skip bin for up to 14 days. We even offer 1-3 day extension at no extra cost if you provide at least 24 hours notice prior to the pick-up day.

  1. Create a schedule

Creating a schedule allows you to tackle specific areas day by day to complete your spring cleaning efficiently. Finishing off one room at a time will keep you focused and you’ll actually feel like you’re getting somewhere with all the cleaning!

  1. Start to de-clutter

There’s no better satisfaction than de-cluttering a space. Organisation not only lowers your stress levels, but it also creates a cleaner and fresh space. Whether that means cleaning out your bookshelf, the dreaded junk drawer, your cupboard or even your kitchen pantry – it’ll make all the difference and make you feel so much better.

  1. Break up your cleaning

As we said, you can hire a skip bin for up to 14 days so there is no need to tire yourself out all in one day and be out for the following 3 days. It’s not a marathon! If you break up your cleaning, you’ll be a lot more productive and you’ll clean more effectively.

  1. Get into the spaces that aren’t part of your usual cleaning routine

We all have our usual cleaning routine and we all leave specific areas out left only for big cleans. Things like cleaning doors, windows, moving furniture and cleaning behind, cleaning grout and so much more! If you get into these areas one by one, you’ll feel a lot more accomplished when you finish up with your spring cleaning!

  1. Tackle your kitchen and bathroom strategically

The kitchen and bathroom are probably the most dreading spaces when it comings to spring cleaning. But it doesn’t have to be like that if you tackle them strategically! We go back to de-cluttering first – going through drawers and pantries and getting rid of anything that’s old or expired. Start wiping down your appliances first and then begin wiping the shelves. You don’t want to be putting dirty things on a clean surface just to clean it again!

Ready to begin your spring cleaning? It’s time to give our friendly team a call on 1800 776 754 to hire a skip bin and start getting rid of that extra clutter around your home that you don’t need!

6 Benefits of Recycling

One thing that we’re dedicated to here at Pro Skips Australia is creating a cleaner tomorrow. We are always doing everything we can to manage your waste to provide a clean, efficient and environmentally friendly solution. That’s why we’re always promoting recycling and how beneficial it is to creating g a greener environment. Making sustainable choices is something that everyone can do which benefits the whole community.

Here are some of the benefits of recycling:

Reduction in landfill waste

One of the major benefits of recycling is the reduction of waste being sent to landfill. Less waste at landfill means less risk of toxic chemicals, natural gases and other damaging substances seeping into the environment.

Conserves natural resources

Natural resources are limited and we don’t have a big supply of particular resources. Recycling paper and wood saves forests and trees. Recycling plastic means we need to produce less plastic which eliminates the number of fossil fuels let out. When metal is recycled, it just means fewer metal ores need to be mined equalling to less damage and money when it comes to mining. When we recycle glass, it means we need to use fewer materials like sand. The list goes on and on! Recycling conserves the world’s natural resources which are only one benefit!

Reduces greenhouse emissions

Climate change is an agenda that everyone should be worried about. Using recycled materials reduces greenhouse gas emissions and aids the problem of climate change. Avoided emissions using raw materials also saves energy too.

Saves energy

Using recycled goods requires less energy than making them from new and raw materials. The energy-saving is much higher than expected and also a lot less expensive than using raw materials. It also eventuates to less burning of fossil fuels like natural gas, oil and coal to create a greener and cleaner environment.

Protects ecosystems and wildlife

Recycling allows us to protect our ecosystems and wildlife. It not only allows us to reduce the use of the Earth’s raw materials but also lessens the damage and disturbance we cause to the natural world. That means we will have fewer forests to cut down, fewer animals harmed and less pollution of water, air and soil. It also reduces the risk of plastics being thrown into the ocean or rivers and polluting waterways and coastlines.

Supports the creation of jobs

Supporting Australians is high on the agenda and how great is it that we can not only help create a cleaner tomorrow but also support Australians by creating more jobs. Recycling and reuse activities create a heap of jobs for Australians and keep people working.

Remember: Reduce, reuse, and recycle

We need to work together as a community to create a cleaner tomorrow. So don’t forget the three r’s. Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

How To Strategically Load Your Skip Bin

Skip bins are great for tossing out unwanted rubbish but knowing how to strategically load your skip bin is even greater! It’s important to really get the most out of your skip bin so it’s not only cost-effective but fits all the rubbish you need to get rid of. We want you to have more space in your skip bin to make the most out of it!
Here are some tips on how to strategically load your skip bin:

Select the correct size bin

We have a range of skip bins here at Pro Skips Australia. Our bins range from 2 cubic metres all the way to 12 cubic metres! It’s important to assess the amount of rubbish you need to dispose of and choose the correct size skip bin for your needs.

Place the bin on your property

The best place for the skip bin to be placed is actually on your property! We’ve noticed that when the skip bin is sometimes placed on the street, other people start throwing their rubbish into it leaving you with less space in your bin!

Place rubbish in the bin strategically

Throwing rubbish of any size and in whatever direction into the skip bin is really going to minimise the space you have in the skip. You can make the most out of the space in your skip bin by starting off with laying any flat objects you want to dispose of at the bottom of the bin. These would be items like timber, plywood and metal. After that, you would begin to get rid of the larger and bulkier items like furniture. Once all the bulky rubbish is in, you can begin throwing away any lightweight items. This includes garden waste and paper.

Distribute waste evenly

It’s important to distribute the waste evenly in the skip bin. You shouldn’t be putting all your bulky items to one side and all your flat items the other.

Reduce gaps between rubbish

Between the bulkier items, it’s good to fill the gaps with smaller items that you’re disposing. The tighter your rubbish is packer together, the better. All gaps and air pockets should try to be filled as best as possible. Play a game of tetris with your rubbish!

Don’t fill over the rim

We only have one rule at Pro Skips Australia – don’t fill over the rim of the bin! This is important for the safety of all involved in the rubbish removal process. It’s a risk that we’re not willing to take!

Our professional staff will assist you in choosing the right skip bin delivery at an affordable price, as well as answer any questions you have about our waste services, and can even help with an extra pair of hands if required. If you are unsure if we deliver to your area, or would like to know more about our rubbish removal service, give us a call at 1800 776 754 or send us an email today! You can even book online.

Skip Bin Guide in Sydney

Skip bin prices in Sydney can vary among different skip bin companies. If you need a cheap skip bin in Sydney, you’ve landed in the right place. Here at Pro Skips Australia, our quality skip bin prices start at an extremely low $330. The best part is – you can keep the bin for an entire two weeks! This is your all information provided skip bin guide to put your mind at ease!

Skip Bin Size Guide

At Pro Skips Australia, we have a range of skip bin sizes to choose from. We know that rubbish comes in all different shapes and sizes that’s why we have the right skip bin size for you. At affordable skip bin prices, we have skip bins ranging from 2 cubic metres all the way to 12 cubic metres. With 8 different skip bin sizes to choose from, you don’t need to look elsewhere!

Skip Bin Price Guide

If you’re after a skip bin price guide in Sydney, you’ve got one by clicking right here! If you’re after a precise cost, it’s as simple as filling out our online booking form and getting an accurate price for your skip bin in Sydney. Or you can simply give our friendly team a call on 1800 776 754 for a free no-obligation quote. We provide on the spot prices for a fast, efficient and convenient service.

Skip Bin Delivery Guide

You will not only get a cheap skip bin with Pro Skips Australia, but you’ll also be getting an efficient and reliable delivery service. We service and provide skip bins all across the Sydney area.

Skip Bin Service Guide

Whether you require a residential skip bin, commercial skip bin or construction skip bin, we have it all! We have all the different types of skip bins you’ll need for the project you’re tacking.

Skip Bin Frequently Asked Questions Guide

There are always a thousand and one questions regarding skip bins. So we’ve simplified it by providing this frequently asked questions guide to make your life easier. If you have any other questions, our team is more than happy to answer any enquiries. Just give us a call on 1800 776 754.

Hiring a Skip Bin VS Taking Your Rubbish To The Tip Yourself

Hiring a skip bin VS taking your rubbish to the tip yourself. This is a question that many people ask themselves. Whether you’re spring cleaning your house, completing a big house renovation or even cleaning up your backyard. We all know that a lot of rubbish is going to be produced and you’re stuck with it! The rubbish can’t go to your local council bin, so you only have two choices – give Pro Skips Australia a call and hire a skip bin or taking your rubbish to the tip yourself.

Here at Pro Skips Australia, we know the benefits of hiring a skip bin from us are endless. It will not only save you a lot more energy, but it is just so much more convenient! We take the hassle out of loading and unloading your car multiple times as you’ll be making multiple trips to the tip. At Pro Skips Australia, we deliver and pick up your skip bin at the time you choose. And to make it even better, there’s no need to rush. You can hire one of our skip bins for 14 days. We even offer extensions for free if you give us notice!

Skip bins are more cost-effective

Driving to your local tip to get rid of all your rubbish might sound like a great idea at first, but when you delve into it, it’s going to be more costly and more of a hassle for you. Thinking of all the things you need to dispose of your waste will add up. Think bin bags, a trailer and petrol! The time it takes you to add up and we’re sure you’ll be making more than one trip to the tip.

Hiring a skip bin from Pro Skips Australia will not only save you a lot more energy, but it is just so much more convenient! We take the hassle out of loading and unloading your car multiple times as you’ll be making multiple trips to the tip. No need to dirty your car with rubbish. Just fill up a skip that will be delivered to your front door and picked up when you’re ready!

Large Skip Bins

Skip bins are more convenient

Not only do we drop off the skip bin at a time that suits you – you can take your time getting rid of your waste! You can hire one of our skip bins for 14 days. We even offer extensions for free if you give us notice! That means that you don’t have to rush and accidentally get rid of things that you actually need. Whether you’re spring cleaning or completing a job over a couple of weeks, a skip bin is the most convenient way to get rid of your rubbish.

Medium Skip Bins

Skip bins are easy to budget for

The best thing about hiring a skip bin is that you’re only paying one flat fee. As long as you’re not filling the bin up with materials that shouldn’t be in there or you’re not filling it up over the rim – you won’t be paying a dollar more! We make it easy for you to budget for waste removal. There are no hidden fees or costs.

Cost Saving

Top 3 Recycling Myths

Recycling is pretty basic – reduce, reuse, recycle! It’s the process of collecting and processing resources to turn them into new products. It’s not only beneficial to the environment but also your community. Recycling can be confusing. It may be hard to understand recycling when there are so many recycling myths floating around. We’re busting the top 3 recycling myths.

1. All recycling goes to landfill

This is the most common recycling myth busted! All recycling does not go to landfill. Most of the recycling collected by Australian councils is still getting recycled. The recycling that is going to landfill is mainly an outcome of the wrong rubbish going into the wrong bin. Mixing rubbish that shouldn’t be recycled in the recycling bin is the problem. Things you can do to ensure the recycling doesn’t go to landfill is looking for the Australian Recycling Label and if you’re still unsure, check directly with your council to see what they accept as recycling. The most important thing to note – if in doubt, leave it out of the recycling bin!

Top 3 Recycling Myths

2. Recycling stops when you sort your rubbish

Doing your part by recycling the correct rubbishing and sorting it into the correct bins is great. But your recycling responsibilities don’t stop there! It’s important to buy back your recycling. What that means is that you should be purchasing products from recycled materials to create a circle of supply and demand. Some types of products you can purchase include paper, tissue paper, bottles, and plastic containers and so on.

Top 3 Recycling Myths

3. Plastic goods with a triangle symbol mean you can put it in a recycling bin

There are so many different types of triangle symbols and so many people assume that they all mean the same thing – the item is recycled. But that is a myth! The Australian Recycling Label is the only symbol you should be looking at to know whether the item can be recycled. The triangle symbols to avoid include the triangles with numbers in them. These triangles represent the type of plastic that the item is made of.

Top 3 Recycling Myths

Here are the top 3 recycling myths busted! Facts are important when it comes to recycling in Australia as it creates a cleaner and greener environment for us all. That’s why at Pro Skips Australia, we’ve joined a cleaner tomorrow by providing clean, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to managing your waste. Got questions? Call us today on 1800 776 754 and experience the Pro Skips Australia difference.

What Skip Bin Size Do I Need?

Not sure what skip bin size you need? At Pro Skips Australia, we provide true cubic metre sizing when it comes to our skip bins. What that means is that when you hire a specific cubic metre skip bin from us, that’s exactly what you’re receiving. You can even check that for yourself! How to do so? You can measure the height x width x length, down the centre of the skip bin. An additional advantage of our skip bins is that there is no weight restriction! As long as your rubbish doesn’t go over the rim of the bin, you have nothing to worry about. There are no hidden costs or fees when it comes to hiring a skip bin from Pro Skips Australia.

We also like to keep things simple with only two skip bin types to choose from. You can choose either a standard skip bin to hire or a specialised skip bin to hire depending on what waste type you want to dispose of. It’s that easy! The hard choice you have would be what skip bin size you’ll need for your waste. Our skip bins range from 2 cubic metres all the way to 12 cubic metres. So we’ll have the right bin for you no matter how big or small your requirement is!

Skip bin size

Skip Bin Sizes

Typical jobs that require a 2 cubic metre skip include:

  • Spring cleaning
  • Backyard cleanup
  • Small renovations
  • Moving houses

Typical jobs that require a 3 cubic metre skip include:

  • Spring cleaning
  • Backyard cleanup
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Moving houses
  • Small construction projects

Typical jobs that require a 4 cubic metre skip include:

  • Getting rid of old furniture
  • House renovations
  • Small construction projects
  • Small landscaping projects

Typical jobs that require a 5 cubic metre skip include:

  • Strip outs
  • Large house renovations
  • Outdoor projects
  • Large landscaping projects

Typical jobs that require a 6 cubic metre skip include:

  • Strip outs
  • Large house renovations
  • Big outdoor projects
  • Large landscaping projects

Typical jobs that require a 8 cubic metre skip include:

  • Strip outs
  • Large house renovations
  • Commercial renovations
  • Small construction projects

Typical jobs that require a 10 cubic metre skip include:

  • Large commercial projects
  • Commercial construction jobs
  • Residential construction jobs
  • Deceased Estate rubbish removal

Typical jobs that require a 12 cubic metre skip include:

  • Large commercial projects
  • Commercial construction jobs
  • Residential construction jobs
  • Large factory space clean ups

How to book a skip bin in Sydney?

If you’re unsure as to what skip bin size you require, you can check out our skip bin size guide or give our friendly team a call on 1800 776 754. You can also jump the queue and get your free, no obligation quote today online.

Skip Bin Size