Hazardous waste disposal should always answer two questions. Is this in the best interests of my health? And, is this in accordance with all necessary legislation? At Pro Skips Australia we answer both of these with an emphatic ‘yes’. Hazardous waste can be broadly defined as any material that poses a risk to the environment and community. If not properly managed and disposed of correctly, hazardous waste can have a hugely negative impact on the safety and wellbeing of the community. They can be liquids, solids or gases that are often found in common household products or are by-products of industrial manufacturing processes.

Pro Skips Australia is committed to the safe and environmentally responsible management of chemical and hazardous waste removal. We provide chemical waste disposal of hazardous and dangerous goods including asbestos waste and fibro, catering to the Sydney region.






Hazardous Waste Disposal

Removing hazardous waste can pose a huge challenge to Sydney companies who have to stay on the right side of council and state regulations in regard to proper chemical waste disposal. With so much riding on correct waste disposal, particularly if it involves asbestos, it’s important to find ways to dispose of your chemical and hazardous waste that are safe, effective and proven. Here at Pro Skips Australia we are committed to providing a quick and easy solution to your hazardous waste management needs with our range of skips.


Asbestos Waste and Fibro

Most buildings constructed in Sydney before the 1980’s contain asbestos. In fact, figures suggest one in every three Aussie homes currently contain some level of asbestos, as it was commonly used in fibre-cement building products including roofing, water drainage and guttering. If in good condition and undisturbed, asbestos will pose no health risk. However, when asbestos fibres are released into the air there is a serious health risk, making safe asbestos disposal a priority. It is important that individuals seeking to dispose of asbestos waste contact Pro Skips Australia. Our specialised asbestos skip bins can be dropped off and picked up at a time that’s convenient to you, providing a service that’s an efficient and effective hazardous waste management solution.

Save yourself from the risk of fines and make the choice to use a Pro Skips Australia hazardous material removal bin today, contact us for a quote!