Sydney is a rapidly expanding city, which means the amount of rubbish and waste each household produces on a yearly basis is rapidly increasing. While creating rubbish is simple, disposing of it efficiently is not. Thankfully, with our range of skips available to dispose of nearly all types of rubbish, you’re able to make a sustainable and affordable choice. Our rubbish removal services cater to the wider Sydney region and provide general waste skip bins for hire in Sydney, so don’t lose the garage to your growing garbage pile, let Pro Skips Australia clear the clutter for you.




Skip Bin Hire Sydney Rubbish Removal

General waste refers to any material or rubbish that is unable to be recycled. While the common red topped bins you’ll see around Sydney are used to dispose of most household waste, they are not able to handle larger objects and limit you to a very small amount of rubbish removal each week. Our general waste skip bin provides an easy and cheap alternative to ensure you get rid of all your waste, in one simple step. Whether you’re in the process of undergoing a long overdue house cleanup, or you’ve recently moved and realised just how many of your possessions you could do without, our residential skip bins are the perfect choice.


What CAN Go In Your General Waste Skip Bin

The following household items can be placed in your general waste skip bin for rubbish removal:

  • Wood
  • Clothes
  • Ceramics
  • Boxes
  • Toys
  • White goods
  • Cabinets


At Pro Skips Australia we encourage you to try and recycle as much of your waste as possible to decrease the amount of general waste. However, our waste management facilities do the heavy lifting for you, separating and recycling over 80% of all waste collected. So all you have to do is contact Sydney’s premier skip bin hire company for a general waste skip quote. Reach out and contact one of our friendly team today.