As long-time experts in responsible waste management in Sydney, we’ve learned a thing or two. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose a Pro Skips Australia skip bin.

Number One – Hiring A Skip Gets Rid of Waste With Ease

If you’ve ever tried to fit a rusty, old fridge into the back of your car, with freezer sludge dripping onto the seats, you’ll know how frustrating it is trying to dispose of bulky waste. The number one advantage of hiring a Pro Skips Australia skip bin is the convenience that you get when disposing of waste. We deliver skip bins directly to your address, with convenient morning or afternoon delivery schedules to suit your needs. When your skip has been delivered, it’s just a matter of putting your waste in it, and we’ll do the rest! Our skip bins are approved to handle the full range of waste you may have, so there’s no need to separate goods. Just send them into the skip and forget about them, from there we’ll do the hard yakka.

Number Two – Hiring A Skip Means You Don’t Need To Provide Transportation

If you were planning to get rid of waste on your own time and your own dollar, you’ll be faced with many obstacles on the way. Not only will you have to clear substantial time from your weekend to devote to being a waste taxi driver, but you’ll be spending big on Sydney’s landfill fees and transport costs. This only gets worse if you have to do several trips!

Hiring a Pro Skips Australia skip bin removes all of these concerns. When you hire a skip, we take it from there. You don’t have to do any driving, and with our cheap skip bin hire prices and ZERO weight limit guarantee, you end up saving big. How good is that?

Number Three – Hiring A Skip Is Easy And Works To Your Schedule

To hire a skip from Pro Skips is to make the easy choice. Simply call us or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We provide same day delivery in Sydney so you will get the answer to your waste problems within hours. On top of that, our skip bins come to you with unlimited weight restrictions. Other skip bin hire companies offer rock bottom prices, then slug you with fees and surcharges for exceeding their weight limits. At Pro Skips Australia, we’re upfront and transparent, with a fixed fee making your choice simple and easy.




Number Four – Hiring A Skip Is A Cost Effective Waste Management Solution


When you rely on other forms of rubbish removal, it can take weeks before your waste is actually gone for good. Not to mention using a number of waste disposal solutions can be quite pricey. When you choose Pro Skips Australia, you ensure a smooth and seamless waste removal service.


Number Five – Hiring A Skip Is The Eco-friendly Way To Get Rid Of Waste


At Pro Skips Australia we have a commitment to recycling, with over 80% of all collected waste being reintroduced to the manufacturing process and saving a considerable amount from landfill. So, when you choose us, not only do you keep your workplace and your home tidy, but you also reduce your carbon footprint! Whether you’re disposing of old technology that gets turned into new tech, landscaping waste that gets turned into usable mulch, or simply tossing out junk that we send through recycling, a Pro Skips Australia choice is an earth first choice.



If you’re ready to take advantage of our cheap Sydney skip bin prices, and want to say goodbye to the junk in your life, then reach out for a quote today!