We all have that one spare room or area where the junk just keeps growing and growing. We don’t touch it for years but somehow it’s still there. There comes a day when that pile of junk becomes frustrating and it’s time to get rid of that cluster. The most affordable thing you can do is hire a rubbish removal skip bin. That’s when you can turn to Pro Skips Australia. We provide cheap rubbish removal skip bins Sydney wide. Pro Skips Australia offers premium quality marrel skip bins ranging from 2 cubic metres all the way to 12 cubic metres. So no matter the extent of your spring cleaning, we have a suitable skip bin for you.




Advantages of hiring a rubbish removal skip bin

  • We come to you! No need for you to go out of your way to getting rid of your rubbish. We will drop the skip bin at your door and pick it back up when you’re ready!
  • We provide an upfront price that doesn’t change. All you’re doing is paying for the actual skip. Our skips are affordable and with no hidden costs or fees.
  • You don’t have to dirty your car by going to landfills. Keeping your car clean and tidy also means you don’t have to make back and forth trips that will waste your time.
  • We have a skip bin that will fit your rubbish! Our skip bins range from 2 cubic metres to a whopping 12 cubic metres.

Rubbish Removal Skip Bins

Loading your skip bin

Need some useful tips on how to efficiently fill up your skip bin to take full advantage of the spacing? Look no further!

  • Load flat items into the skip bin first followed by the bulkier items
  • Break up your junk where possible to avoid air pockets that take valuable space in your rubbish removal skip bin

Environmentally friendly rubbish removal

When you hire a rubbish removal skip bin from Pro Skips Australia, you know that you’re joining a cleaner tomorrow. If you’re disposing of your rubbish yourself and not keeping the environment in mind, you could be doing harm to our environment. We work hard towards creating a cleaner tomorrow and bringing Australia a step closer to our environmental goals. Our waste management is always top of mind. We ensure that we use exclusive facilities which turn over more than 80% of your waste into recyclable goods.

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