Skip Bin hire during COVID 19

During COVID 19 Pandemic and with restrictions getting tighter around Greater Sydney, it’s important to know that skip bin hire is a low-risk public service. Skip drivers don’t need to make any form of contact with customers, they wear a mask and also maintain social distancing. All government guidelines are followed. At Pro Skip’s it is our number one priority to promote safety for both our customers and staff. 

Pro Skips are passionate about recycling and limiting waste that ends up in landfill. We have proudly reinforced contactless transactions and booking systems to ensure our services are still running and supporting a greener environment.


What are contactless transactions?

Contactless payment is a transaction made without any physical contact! Many trades used to work quite often with cash, however this payment method is now quite rare and not ideal in our current situation.

Just like many other businesses, Pro Skips have turned to contactless payment. We offer an online booking system, that requires card details. We also offer By now pay later services when booking online. Where you can hire the Skip Bin now and pay it later.  Alternatively, we can take card payments over the phone.


Will contactless transactions impact you skip bin delivery?

Most certainly not! Online orders and over the phone payment methods have always been around, however they are just far more popular now and encouraged given the current circumstances. Once you have ordered your skips bin, it will arrive at the requested date and location. In order to comply with government orders and promote a healthier and safer environment our team recommends taking advantage of our contactless payments.


Give our friendly team at Pro skips a call on 1800 776 754 or send us an email today! Alternatively, you can even book online where we offer After pay & Zip pay.