A 2 cubic metre skip bin is the perfect solution when it comes to cleaning out your house or your backyard. There are endless benefits to hiring a skip bin. It’s the perfect size for smaller projects that don’t have too much rubbish to offload but still a little too much for your council bins at home.

Typical jobs that require a 2 cubic metre skip include:

  • Spring cleaning
  • Backyard cleanup
  • Small renovations
  • Moving houses

If you’re worried about what type of skip bin you’ll be receiving – leave your worries behind! Pro Skips Australia only uses merrel skip bins to ensure premium quality when it comes to disposing of your rubbish.

Skip bin types

At Pro Skips Australia, we like to keep things simple with only two skip bin types to choose from. You can choose either a standard skip bin to hire or a specialised skip bin to hire depending on what waste type you want to dispose of and it’s that easy!

How big is a 2 cubic metre skip bin?

At Pro Skips Australia, we provide true cubic metre sizing when it comes to our skip bins. What that means is that when you hire a 2 cubic metre skip bin from us, that’s exactly what you’re receiving. You can even check that for yourself! How to do so? You can measure the height x width x length, down the center of the skip bin.

2 Cubic Metre Skip Bin Size Guide

The great thing about our skip bins is that there is no weight restriction! As long as your rubbish doesn’t go over the rim of the bin, you have nothing to worry about. There are no hidden costs or fees when it comes to hiring a skip bin from Pro Skips Australia.

How can I efficiently use my 2 cubic metre skip bin?

If you need hints on how to efficiently use your skip bin, you’ve found the right place! Here are some of the most useful tips straight from our experts:

  • Place your rubbish when you plan on placing your skip bin. This will make disposing of your bulky waste much easier.
  • Load flat items into your skip bin first, followed by bulky items. Break up your junk where possible to avoid air pockets taking valuable space in your skip.
  • Elevate your skip bin on planks of wood to avoid damage to your grass or driveway.

How much does a 2 cubic metre skip bin cost?

A 2 cubic metre skip bin typically costs $390. We pride ourselves on supplying cheap 2 cubic metre skip bins all around the Sydney area.

How to book a skip bin in Sydney?

If you’re unsure as to what skip bin size you require, you can check out our skip bin size guide or give our friendly team a call on 1800 776 754. You can also jump the queue and get your free, no obligation quote today online.