True Cubic Metre Sizing

We all know that finding the right skip bin size can be a hassle. All these online guides can be confusing. Are they really true to size? Does the sizing of the rim of the skip bin match the bottom of the skip bin? Are there any weight restrictions? Questions on all of our minds that we need answered.

At Pro Skips Australia, we have a range of 8 different skip bin sizes to make your life that little bit easier. The thing that makes our skip bins so great is that they are TRUE TO SIZE! So what does true cubic metre sizing even mean? If you measure the top rim of the skip bin, the bottom will measure the exact same. Our skip bins don’t cave in, nor do they trick you when it comes to sizing. Still unsure about how big a cubic metre really is? Let’s compare it like this. One cubic metre equals one thousand litres! It can be hard to choose the right skip bin for your project but with true sizing, you’re set on knowing you’ve chosen the right one. Have a look at our skip bin size guide.

Pro Skips Australia has multiple skip bin sizes for you to choose from. From 2 cubic metres through to 12 cubic metres, you have a world full of options!

Small Skip Bins

Some projects don’t require a huge skip bin. Whether you’re completing a small room renovation or just spring cleaning, we have a range of smaller bins that will still be large enough to fit your scraps. Our smallest skip bin size is 2 cubic metres. This is the perfect size for smaller projects that don’t have too much rubbish. If you need something a little bigger, that is no problem! We can also provide a 3 cubic metre or 4 cubic metre skip bin for that extra room.

Small Skip Bins

Medium Skip Bins

Need something a little bigger to fit your waste? We’ll have you sorted. You can choose our 5 cubic metre skip bin to get all those extra bits in. It has a whole lot of size being 1.55m tall, 2.5m wide and 1.6m deep. If that’s still a little too small for your medium sized project, we also have a 6 cubic metre and 8 cubic metre skip bin to keep you at ease knowing you have additional space to fit your waste.

Medium Skip Bins

Large Skip Bins

Cleaning up your construction site or large renovation can be a problem when you don’t have anywhere to throw the rubbish! Our large skip bins will be the perfect fit for this sort of job. We are able to accommodate full-scale rubbish removal for your big projects. You can choose from either 8 cubic metres, 10 cubic metres or a massive 12 cubic metres. Our 12 cubic metre skip bin is 1.8m tall, 4.6m wide and 1.74m deep. It sure can hold a lot of rubbish!

Large Skip Bins


So we’ve covered sizing, how about weight restrictions? We hear it time and time again – there was a weight restriction so I had to hire a bigger bin just to make sure it didn’t go over the limit. We like to make things simple with no weight restrictions. That means you don’t need to worry about paying that extra fee. As long as your rubbish doesn’t go over the rim, you’re good to go! No hidden fees mean you can relax knowing you’re paying the one fixed rate. What you’re quoted is what you’re paying! Give our friendly team a call today for a free quote and advice on which skip bin size will suit your needs.


Weight Restrictions
Weight Restrictions



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The Pro Skips Australia difference

Pro Skips Australia has earned a reputation as the premier skip bin hire specialist in Sydney. We are known for our affordability and speed, making us the go-to option for skip bins.

Our team make it hassle free so you don’t have to worry about going on multiple trips to landfills. Once you book your bin, we deliver it right to your door and then collect it. You don’t need to lift a finger! We also have no weight restrictions and you can fill your bin as long as it doesn’t pile over the rim. If you have concerns, our friendly and professional team is always ready to provide you with the best and cheapest skip bin hire service in Sydney.
Great Service & Understanding. As we all know with renovations you find things that change your time lines. Pro Skip were there to help with supporting is with date extensions at a reasonable price. Wouldn’t get my skip from anyone else - Sue & Mark
Tony and his boys really looked after us especially given the short notice. Have used them several times and would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you. Lisette
Pro Skips Australia is an excellent and professional service. I have used them twice now and would highly recommend using them. They are a great company, very efficient and are well priced. Thank you again for the great service.
Great service!Thanks again 👍👍
Great company with competitive prices & a professional attitude delivered with friendliness & humor. i would highly recommend Pro Skips Australia for all your waste removal needs. Tony, who assisted me was always accommodating to my needs.
Have to say Proskips have been the best bin company I have ever delt with, from customer service down to the price I honestly cannot fault them at all. Having a building company myself I need consistent and reliable contractors so I definitely would recommend them to anyone.....
Highly recommended!Professional, affordable and reliable.Thank you again for your prompt service.
Thanks pro skips for your great service always on time great prices friendly staff highly recommended
Pro skips helped me in a last minute situation when other companies let me down and couldn’t deliver. Really saved my ass. Thanks again to the boys from pro skips will definitely be calling use again.
I had a wonderful experience with Pro Skips Australia. They showed up on time, reliable and professional. Highly recommended

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