Recycling is pretty basic – reduce, reuse, recycle! It’s the process of collecting and processing resources to turn them into new products. It’s not only beneficial to the environment but also your community. Recycling can be confusing. It may be hard to understand recycling when there are so many recycling myths floating around. We’re busting the top 3 recycling myths.

1. All recycling goes to landfill

This is the most common recycling myth busted! All recycling does not go to landfill. Most of the recycling collected by Australian councils is still getting recycled. The recycling that is going to landfill is mainly an outcome of the wrong rubbish going into the wrong bin. Mixing rubbish that shouldn’t be recycled in the recycling bin is the problem. Things you can do to ensure the recycling doesn’t go to landfill is looking for the Australian Recycling Label and if you’re still unsure, check directly with your council to see what they accept as recycling. The most important thing to note – if in doubt, leave it out of the recycling bin!

Top 3 Recycling Myths

2. Recycling stops when you sort your rubbish

Doing your part by recycling the correct rubbishing and sorting it into the correct bins is great. But your recycling responsibilities don’t stop there! It’s important to buy back your recycling. What that means is that you should be purchasing products from recycled materials to create a circle of supply and demand. Some types of products you can purchase include paper, tissue paper, bottles, and plastic containers and so on.

Top 3 Recycling Myths

3. Plastic goods with a triangle symbol mean you can put it in a recycling bin

There are so many different types of triangle symbols and so many people assume that they all mean the same thing – the item is recycled. But that is a myth! The Australian Recycling Label is the only symbol you should be looking at to know whether the item can be recycled. The triangle symbols to avoid include the triangles with numbers in them. These triangles represent the type of plastic that the item is made of.

Top 3 Recycling Myths

Here are the top 3 recycling myths busted! Facts are important when it comes to recycling in Australia as it creates a cleaner and greener environment for us all. That’s why at Pro Skips Australia, we’ve joined a cleaner tomorrow by providing clean, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to managing your waste. Got questions? Call us today on 1800 776 754 and experience the Pro Skips Australia difference.