Is your organization accumulating trash all over the place? To remove your trash, hire a skip bin.

Now comes the tricky part: where do you put it?

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The placement of the skip bin can be determined by its size and the layout of the site. By placing the skip bin in the unauthorized spot, you risk breaking local council regulations. This blog will give you information on where to put your skip bin.


If your property does not have sufficient space, the skip bin can be placed on the street. The skip bins must, however, be placed on the street with the permission of the local council. Pro Skips is familiar with local regulations and will assist you in placing the skip bin appropriately.

Make sure there is enough room for the skip bin to be placed by the vehicle. To deliver and pick up the skip bin, the truck needs at least the length of two cars.


The skip bin can be positioned on the driveway as well. The size of the truck that will deliver the bin is a crucial factor to consider. A small truck is 2.5 metres wide, whereas a large truck is 3.3 metres wide. The driveway and gate should be large enough for the truck to get inside and unload the skip bin.

Within the property

The optimal location for your bin is on your property, as this avoids the need for a council permission. If the bin is kept on the premises, unauthorized access to it can be avoided. If you have a yard, you can put it there as long as the truck has enough room to get it in.

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