It is quite shocking to know how much rubbish there really is in the ocean. According to National Geographic, there’s a whopping 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. This is starting to become deadly for marine animals and fish. If you’re wondering how all this rubbish is entering the ocean – it is being dumped, leaked and spilled into the ocean. Pollution has become a bigger problem in the past few years however it’s never too late to start making a difference. Here are 5 facts about ocean pollution that you need to know:

  1. In 2050, it is predicted that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish

Crazy isn’t it!? We are all guilty of dumping so much plastic in the ocean every single year. We dump so much every year that it equates to almost 57,000 blue whales. In 2050, it is predicted that we will have more plastic in the ocean than fish.

  1. Most of the rubbish in the ocean sits on the floor

The sad truth is that almost 70 percent of rubbish in the ocean sinks to the seafloor and just sits there. That means that we’re unlikely to ever be able to clean that percentage of rubbish up. What we can’t see in the ocean is worse than what we can see.

  1. The number of dead zones in the ocean is growing

So many people ask what dead zones in the ocean are. These are sections that have such low oxygen supplementation that animal life suffocates and dies. In 2008 alone, 405 dead zones were counted in the ocean…and that was 12 years ago! This number is just ever-growing and is an impact of pollution.

  1. Something as simple as laundry affects the pollution in the ocean

It’s hard to believe but something as simple as doing your daily or weekly laundry even affects the pollution in the ocean. Every load of laundry releases 700,000 synthetic microfibers into our waterways which don’t break down.

  1. Plastic in the ocean is very dangerous

Plastic takes approximately 400 years to degrade. During this process, so many chemicals are released into the ocean which continues to contaminate the sea even once the plastic is gone. Plastic serves as a double danger to our ocean.

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