One thing that we’re dedicated to here at Pro Skips Australia is creating a cleaner tomorrow. We are always doing everything we can to manage your waste to provide a clean, efficient and environmentally friendly solution. That’s why we’re always promoting recycling and how beneficial it is to creating g a greener environment. Making sustainable choices is something that everyone can do which benefits the whole community.

Here are some of the benefits of recycling:

Reduction in landfill waste

One of the major benefits of recycling is the reduction of waste being sent to landfill. Less waste at landfill means less risk of toxic chemicals, natural gases and other damaging substances seeping into the environment.

Conserves natural resources

Natural resources are limited and we don’t have a big supply of particular resources. Recycling paper and wood saves forests and trees. Recycling plastic means we need to produce less plastic which eliminates the number of fossil fuels let out. When metal is recycled, it just means fewer metal ores need to be mined equalling to less damage and money when it comes to mining. When we recycle glass, it means we need to use fewer materials like sand. The list goes on and on! Recycling conserves the world’s natural resources which are only one benefit!

Reduces greenhouse emissions

Climate change is an agenda that everyone should be worried about. Using recycled materials reduces greenhouse gas emissions and aids the problem of climate change. Avoided emissions using raw materials also saves energy too.

Saves energy

Using recycled goods requires less energy than making them from new and raw materials. The energy-saving is much higher than expected and also a lot less expensive than using raw materials. It also eventuates to less burning of fossil fuels like natural gas, oil and coal to create a greener and cleaner environment.

Protects ecosystems and wildlife

Recycling allows us to protect our ecosystems and wildlife. It not only allows us to reduce the use of the Earth’s raw materials but also lessens the damage and disturbance we cause to the natural world. That means we will have fewer forests to cut down, fewer animals harmed and less pollution of water, air and soil. It also reduces the risk of plastics being thrown into the ocean or rivers and polluting waterways and coastlines.

Supports the creation of jobs

Supporting Australians is high on the agenda and how great is it that we can not only help create a cleaner tomorrow but also support Australians by creating more jobs. Recycling and reuse activities create a heap of jobs for Australians and keep people working.

Remember: Reduce, reuse, and recycle

We need to work together as a community to create a cleaner tomorrow. So don’t forget the three r’s. Reduce, reuse, and recycle!