How to get the most out of your skip bin!

Loading your rubbish sounds more simple than it looks! There is a level of art and science in doing this task. Knowing the right way to load your skip, will get you the most out of what you pay for.

Here are some tips on how to load your skip bin properly

Heavy or flat items go first

Ensure you are putting the heavier items first to prevent the bin from toppling over and keeping the center of gravity at the bottom of the skip. Flat items such as furniture, plywood, shelves, and cupboards should go first too, so they are able to lay flat against the skip base.

Even weight distribution

As mentioned above, Avoid putting too much weight at the front, back or one side and work with the weights from bottom to top, keeping the centre of gravity at the bottom.

Break apart bulky pieces

Particularly if the items are irregular shapes, furniture, branches, and other large bulky items must be broken down in order to make more space in the Skip Bin to avoid filling empty space with the air.

Don’t fill over the rim

It is against health and safety regulations to transport a skip with anything above the indicated level. Any waste above the rim will be removed before the bin is collected for safety.

Stay within the weight capacity

If you are loading heavy items such as concrete, gravel, sand, etc, please check the maximum weight capacity for safe transport.

Separate your waste products

We must ensure appropriate disposal of our rubbish. Pro Skips Australia will help you dispose of your rubbish and get them to its appropriate places. However, there are some items that are better off recycled, such as plastic bottles, paper, and metals, which you can get rid of through your local council bins. This could not only save space in your skip bin but also save the environment. Our planet is our home, and with so much threatening its survival we have made it our mission to revolutionize the waste management industry by providing innovative solutions that are well within reach. We exclusively use facilities that turn over more than 80% of waste into recyclable goods. Using the latest in waste management technologies, we’ll help to clean up our home, one scrap at a time.

Let’s maximize the volume of waste you put into your skip! Pro skips Australia provides a cost-effective skip bin that will suit your needs regardless of the project size. Give our friendly team a call on 1800 776 754