Whether you are renovating or cleaning your house, it is important to hire a skip bin to dispose the waste. You have to look out for your safety to avoid potential injuries to yourself and the people around you.

skip bin hire sydney safety tips

Here are some safety tips using a skip bin :

  1. Load the skip bin evenly.

The waste in the skip bin has to be distributed evenly as it may fall off from the truck when it is being picked up. It is hazardous for the driver to carry an unbalanced skip bin. You can avoid putting all the heavier items on one side and lighter ones on the other. We recommend you to place the heavier items in the bottom and the others on top of it.

  1. Do not crush the rubbish with your feet

When loading the skip bin, you may find pushing the waste down with your feet might seem to give you more space. Sharp pieces of plastics, metal and spikes might be inside the bin and hurt you when crushing them with your feet leading to skin lacerations, sprains and other issues.

  1. Avoid hazardous materials in the bin

Hazardous waste like asbestos, gas bottles, explosives, oil can be dangerous when loading and disposing in the waste facilities. Disposing such hazardous wastes is not permissible under law in Sydney.

  1. Fill the bin till the rim

It is illegal to overload the skip bin above the rim. There are chances for injuries to occur if it is filled to the top

  1. Prepare for the skip bins arrival

Your skip bin service provide will communicate the date and time of the pick-up. Be sure to stick to that schedule to avoid safety hazards.


Based on your needs , get the right size of skip bin to avoid potential safety issues. At Pro Skips, we have skip bins in different sizes ranging from 2 cubic metre to 12 cubic metre. We service residential properties, commercial spaces and construction industries. Get a free skip bin quote!