A person in Australia produces an average of 500kg of waste each year. By taking simple actions in your daily life, the waste can be drastically reduced. Every small action towards reducing the waste will have a greater impact on the environment in the long-term. Here are some tips that can be followed everyday at home:

reduce waste at home

Opt out for paper bills, mails and magazines

If you are still receiving paper bills from your utility companies in the digital era, it’s time to switch to digital receipts. You can also opt-out from the unwanted junk mails landing in your mailbox by emailing the companies you receive it from. Subscribe for digital copies of the magazines which can also be accessed anywhere at any time.

Use Reusable bags for shopping

At least 200,000 plastics bags are dumped in the landfill every hour. This can be reduced by a significant amount by using reusable bags rather than using paper bags for grocery shopping.

Compost the waste

Did you know that at least 25% of the waste can be potentially composted? Waste such as vegetable scraps and leaves can be composted from the trash you dispose. Composting also helps you save on fertilizers and helps you grow your plants organically.

Reusable paper cups and cutlery:

You can use silverware and cloth napkins rather disposable ones every time you take out food. There are also reusable straws available in the market.

Recycle right

There are rules for recycling in every council. Follow those rules to recycle the right way. If you contaminate with products that cannot be recycle, the entire load has to be sent to the landfill.

Check your trash

Start with writing down everything you throw away in the garbage. Think about which products can be replaced with reusable ones and swap those.

Every single step you take will make the environment better. You will see how much waste can be avoided with simple changes to your lifestyle.

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