Whilst we usually talk about recycling tips at home and going green, at times we seem to forget about turning our businesses green too. It’s important to introduce better ways to reduce waste which additionally, will save your business money too. There are so many simple ways to do this and help our environment to work towards a cleaner tomorrow. Here are some tips to reduce office waste:

Reducing paper waste

Do you REALLY need to print that email out!? A way to reduce majority of paper waste is by transforming your office into a paperless (or mostly!) digital office. There are so many applications available that allow you to share things with colleagues and sync files. A way you can also provide friendly reminders to others about reducing paper waste is by added a ‘think before you print’ message on your email signature.

Place paper recycling bins around the office

Placing paper recycling bins around the office and in handy and convenient places makes it so much easier and more effortless for people to recycle. It doesn’t require extra effort by colleagues and will increase paper recycling.

Purchase dishes and cutlery

Rather than having all staff using plastic plates, cups and cutlery provided by management it is wise to purchase dishes, glasses and cutlery. This will not only save costs overtime but reduces the wasteful use of plastics in the office.

Reuse folders and binders

A great tip to reduce office waste is by reusing folders and binders. This reduces using a new one each time or disposing of old folders.

Purchase coffee, sugar and tea in bulk

If coffee, sugar and tea are purchased for your office, it’s a smart idea to purchase these items in bulk to reduce boxes and packaging waste. This reduces the amount of packaging that needs to be thrown away.

Print double-sided

Rather than printing on only one side of a page, print on both to save paper. This setting can be automatically set up on your printer!