In 2022, the garbage produced by Australia increased to 78 million tonnes a year. More trash gets dumped in landfills, and if we don’t figure out a better way to manage waste, it could have devastating effects on the ecosystem.

Waste management has helped keep communities clean and organized by providing simple access to the rubbish collection for residents. It is why most municipalities have tightened restrictions on what residents can throw away, making skip bin rental services the most convenient choice for many. 

trends in skip bin rental services for 2022

To save the environment and make things easier for many, some new ideas made their way. Here are the top 3 trends in skip bin rental services for 2022:

1. Built-in sensors

For many people that typically throw a lot of trash, like with renovating homes or buildings, specific skip bins fill up more quickly than others, which can leave some households with a dirty driveway until trash day. When you call for skip bin hire services, available garbage containers have built-in weight sensors that signal when you need to empty them. Thanks to trends in skip bin rental services, trash disposal is possible without the associated safety risks. 

2. Improving trash collection

Although the skip bin hire services have enough sizes to collect different types of trash, there is still a need for reliable garbage collection even when automated solutions are available. As a result, more and more skip bin companies are working to provide convenient, on-demand solutions to the issue. 

As waste produced is increasing every year and one of the best solutions is recycling. Although this option got introduced way back, it’s still an essential topic for households, and skip bin rental services can help. For instance, inventive service providers are repurposing daily rubbish into usable bins. 

Skip bins hire services today can be provided for anything from little landscaping and home improvements to extensive demolitions and skyscraper construction sites. You have the option for general waste disposal, clean bricks & concrete or asbestos removal.

3. Innovative solutions

Some recent technological advances in the field of waste management are being put to use as an efficient replacement for traditional garbage disposal systems. Numerous programmes have been established to urge commercial and industrial establishments to produce less garbage they cannot recycle.

One that you should know is anaerobic digestion, which can lower carbon dioxide emissions and the amount of solid waste produced. Waste-to-energy burns municipal solid waste to create steam, which is then used to generate power. Plasma gasification, on the other hand, converts trash into syngas that is ideal for producing energy or other compounds. These advances are still in development and have thus far been applied only in a select few areas of waste management.

Emerging trends will favour the larger context of disposal and recycling if the waste management industry, the government, and the community work together consistently.

trends in skip bin rental services for 2022

Why Should You Use Skip Bins?

Skip bins are spacious and usually metal containers used to hold trash. A wide range of sizes is available to accommodate different volumes of waste. As a practical waste management solution, skip bins reduce the burden of trash collection and disposal. Skip bin rental services are a hassle-free option for trash removal because we can send containers directly to where they will be repurposed or thrown away.

Concerned about proper garbage disposal? Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer your questions and offer helpful advice. Call us today, and we promise a service staff that can remove large amounts of the trash whenever you need it.