Not all Skip bins are the same! Here are the different types of skip bins: Marrel skip bin, hook lift skip bin, mobile skip bin and skip bags.

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Marrel Skip Bin

The Marrel is the most widely used skip bin for both domestic rubbish and commercial waste. Sizes vary from 2 cubic metres through to 17 cubic metres.

The Marrel generally have higher sides and are shorter in length than a hook lift skip so in most cases require no more room to be placed than a car space. A Marrell Skip however, in most cases will require an access clearance of no less than 3metres & there must not be any low overhanging branches or wires.

Most Marrel 4 cubic metres & above come with a wheelbarrow access door for easy loading.

A Marrell is lifted up by chains attached to hydraulic arms & then lowered off the back of the truck.

Hook Lift Skip Bin

Hook lifts are predominately hired for commercial and industrial waste disposal but can also be used for large domestic waste disposal as well, in particular deceased estates or an estate that is getting ready for sale, where there is a large amount of waste that needs to be managed.

Hook lifts are defined by the method in which they load the waste bin on and off the truck. The truck uses a large hydraulic hook on the back of the truck to grab the skip & roll it off & on the back of the truck.

The Hook lift is rectangular in shape and has large rear opening doors for those jobs that require the use of a bobcat to drive into the bin. Hook Lifts range in size from 4m3 to 30m3.

Watch the video here.

Mobile Skip Bin

Mobile Skips are the perfect solution, for those hard to place locations such as, under carports or inside garages or for units or office blocks with underground parking. Or on the council’s property there is NO PERMIT required as it is a road registered trailer as opposed to a regular Skip bin.

All Mobile Bins come with lockable lids, preventing others from placing waste in it.

Mobile is a convenient option to the conventional skip bins for hire, as they can be moved to your rubbish, rather than you having to move the rubbish to the skip.

All Mobile Skips allow ONLY: the following waste types: general waste, light green waste & light building waste such as dry timber.

Mobile Skips do NOT allow: heavy waste such as soil, bricks, concrete, rubble etc.

The Mobile generally come in two sizes – 3 & 4cubic metres however some states offer more sizes all mobile skip bins come with a weight limit for safe transportation.

Skip Bags

Skip bags are the convenient, cheaper alternative.

  • Bags can be utilised in small areas
  •  Bags have multiple usage options
  • Bags do not stain/damage concrete driveways or paths
  • Whatever you can put in a skip – bin you can put into a waste bag
  • Can be a more cost-effective alternative to a skip bin
  • Bags come in 3 convenient sizes, 1m3,2m3 & 3m3
  • Skip bags are lightweight & easy to use
  • No time restraints

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