What is a mini skip bin?

A mini skip bin is the smallest size skip bin you can hire. Their size ranges from 2 to 4 cubic meters. In many situations, a mini skip bin is a perfect solution for rubbish removal. 

Occasionally we have moments of urge to spring clean, garage clean, clean overgrown gardens or neglected storage areas. A much easier and cost-effective solution to multiple wheelie bins and multiple trips to the tip is a mini skip bin! All of your waste disposals will be done with the least amount of effort. Simply place all the rubbish into the skip and watch it be transported off your property.

Mini skip bins can be filled with a range of different household waste including green waste – branches, dirt, leaves, small tree stumps, and any other greenery that would normally fit in your wheelie bin.

Mini skips are great for construction materials from a home renovation or landscaping including cut-offs from paving stones or garden edging. Other materials such as wiring, tiles, nails, debris, concrete, brick, and rubble can be put into the skip. Be cautious of hazardous waste, contaminated soils, batteries, asbestos, toxic and flammable material, food scraps, and oils as these are not appropriate for your mini skip. Pro Skips Australia offers specialized skip bins for these types of materials.

When would you hire a mini skip?
Spring cleaning
– Home renovations
– Landscaping
– Construction
Domestic or Commercial applications

Benefits of hiring a mini skip?
Proper Waste Disposal – Helps you dispose of your waste in a way that won’t harm the environment. Pro skips exclusively use facilities that turn over more than 80% of waste into recyclable goods.

AffordabilitySince mini skips are the smallest available, they are the cheapest skips offered by skip hire companies.

Convenience – Mini skips are small enough to be placed on nearly any property, meaning no council permit is required. Labour is minimized as multiple trips to the tip or wheelie bin are not needed. 

Prevents injuriesEven small construction projects can generate large amounts of rubbish and unfortunately, most standard household waste bins are not big enough to hold the amount of rubbish that renovation work tends to create. Leftover waste may fill the floors and cause potential injuries. Fewer trips with wheelie bins, bags, or trips to the tip also make the environment safer.

Speed up renovation processYour project could take significantly longer without a skip bin due to the substantial amount of time driving to and from your local tip. A skip bin on your property will spare you the time-consuming journey to and from the tip, allowing you to dispose of your rubbish in minutes, rather than hours. This will allow you to spend more of your time and energy on the renovation process and therefore ensure that it progresses at a quick pace.